Join Tony Moore for the journey of a lifetime into the Biblical World. His “Come and See” teaching tours are unique because he is your on site teacher and guide.Drawing from years of research for his popular television series “In the Footsteps of Paul” and “Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus” he has carefully planned every detail of your journey to make deeply spiritual and richly rewarding. From where you visit, to where you sleep Tony tries to make your journey life changing.

Click for details of our 2018 Footsteps of Jesus Tour from March 18-April 4.

Click on a past tour to explore what it is like to join Tony on location in the Bible lands. You can also follow the progress of a friend or family member by exploring the daily photo gallery to see what happened that day.

Click here to follow our 2017 Footsteps for Jesus Tour: March 26-12.




Details for our 2018 Footsteps of Paul Tour coming soon.

Click here to follow our 2015 Footsteps of Paul Tour: September 27-October 18.

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